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753-200 CO200 Desktop CO2 Monitor

CO200 Desktop CO2 Monitor
The Extech CO200 Desktop Carbon Dioxide Monitor measures the most common parameters including air quality. Monitor air quality in schools, office buildings, greenhouses, factories, hotels, hospitals, and anywhere high levels of CO2 are generated. High/low alarms are user programmable with relay output for ventilation control. The CO210 datalogging model records up to 5333 points for each parameter.

Portable Carbon Dioxide Monitor

Portable Carbon Dioxide Monitor
The portable Extech EA80 Portable Carbon Dioxide Monitor measures the most common parameters indicating indoor air quality. The large LCD displays all parameters simultaneously and automatically datalogs up to 20,000 sets.

CO10 Carbon Monoxide Meter

CO10 Carbon Monoxide Meter
The portable Extech CO10 Carbon Monoxide Meter quickly detects carbon monoxide in ambient air from 0 to 1000 ppm with 5% or ± 10 ppm accuracy. An audible alarm sounds at 35 ppm and beeps continuously when carbon monoxide above 200 ppm is detected.

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