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Calibration Gases

Call SKC-West for details and pricing 800-752-9378.

Calibration Gase Canisters Calibration Gas — SKC-West supplies, Cal Gaz calibration gas for all your calibration needs. We can now offer a new 24 month shelf life on reactive gases. All sizes and gas configurations available, call for pricing.
    Gas Mixtures
    • 34L, 58L, 103L sizes available
    • All master blends are 100% analyzed
    • All mixtures are made gravimetrically and are NIST Weight Traceable

    • Cylinders are all pressure checked
    • All cylinders are leak checked with a mass spectrometer
    • Lots are traceable to lab database

    • Rigid quality control of all parts
    • 100% of regulators are function and leak tested
    • Full 2-year warranty on all regulators

    Download Calibration Gas Price List (PDF)





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